Dotfiles! These are my daily configurations for a range of tools, organised into separate repositories and versioned separately These repositories are meant to be installed using GNU Stow, allowing them to coexist in your $HOME and augment one another.

Configuration for tools that rely upon the Charm Cloud
Updated 2024-03-06 23:11:37 -05:00
simple Git config designed for extensibility (as much as Git config can be, anyway)
Updated 2024-03-06 22:57:00 -05:00
an assortment of MacOS-specific configuration files compatible with my other dot repos
Updated 2024-03-06 22:39:45 -05:00
my preferred readline settings, stored in accordance with XDG
Updated 2024-03-06 22:59:17 -05:00
a small collection of miscellaneous shell scripts I've written
Updated 2024-03-08 07:20:45 -05:00
simple, sensible tmux configuration with XDG support
Updated 2024-03-06 22:41:49 -05:00
flexible, extensible zsh configuration with fast plugin loading and XDG support
Updated 2024-05-14 23:23:32 -04:00