a slightly customised installation of GNU Stow suitable for powering dot/ packages
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dot-local Rebuild based on upstream Stow 2.4.0 2024-06-03 13:08:10 +10:00
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This is a prebuilt distribution of GNU Stow, based on my slightly modified fork, which has been built to use relative paths for locating Perl modules at runtime. It's perfect for cloning into your ~/dotfiles and using with no further steps, since it doesn't care what your home directory is called and will work no matter where you put it.

To build this version of Stow for yourself (or, more likely, if you're me and need to update the build when Stow changes upstream):

git clone https://git.00dani.me/00dani/stow
cd stow
autoreconf -iv
./configure --enable-relative --prefix=$PWD/out --with-pmdir=$PWD/out/lib/perl PERL=/usr/bin/perl
make install