9 Commits (a35072bbc316f0ba3a19ddfb682c51e8592db731)

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  Danielle McLean d68dda85ad
Refactor the Micropub error responses into a non-view module, have them produce an immediately raise-able exception 8 months ago
  Danielle McLean fa8419976d
Enable support for deleting entries through Micropub :D 8 months ago
  Danielle McLean c8e0b9c5fb
Save any provided syndications for a new entry when creating it 9 months ago
  Danielle McLean eb20cc1d21
Add a Link header to the Micropub create response indicating the entry's shortlink 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 86f4da306c
Fix creating posts with Micropub to use the new entry kind handling 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 365110544c
Upgrade Django to 2.0.3, yay! 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 452dd3f47d
Oops, update the list of routes that's pinged on micropub creation to use the new names for entry feeds 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean b5604ac8d1
Require the 'create' scope in the token to be present in order to create new entries 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 9f733125a7
Refactor micropub, add basic support for querying - source works great, the other two not so much 1 year ago