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  Danielle McLean a35072bbc3
1.10.0 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean da5ca5edea
Ignore the .env file, since I wanna use it 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 1e4df2d1b5
Implement the Micropub source query internally rather than by simply parsing the visible content 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean d68dda85ad
Refactor the Micropub error responses into a non-view module, have them produce an immediately raise-able exception 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 065619772e
Use ResponseException for various places rather than needing to check the return value for responseness 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 7d17a92793
Introduce a middleware that allows for HttpResponses to be thrown from inner utility functions, to avoid boilerplate in views 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 1d4be082cf
Refactor the 'find an entry based on a URL' behaviour into a utility function 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 2d643b48c6
Allow GIFs to be sent to the Micropub media endpoint 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean bab7097fa3
Properly send webmentions after deleting an entry :3 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean fa8419976d
Enable support for deleting entries through Micropub :D 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 427dcde672
Make lots of improvements to the narrow-screen layout 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 580c61e924
Adjust sizing of p-author photo and spacing inside entries 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 6c9b6eb061
Shrink the precision of 'ago' datetimes so they stay compact 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 6d7b5db482
Restore favicon links in the page <head> 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean 8a0c24a9b5
Run pipenv lock to downgrade PyYAML to 3.12, since 4.1 was removed from PyPI 10 months ago
  Danielle McLean c8e0b9c5fb
Save any provided syndications for a new entry when creating it 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 556329d5fa
Have syndications infer the correct Site from their URL rather than require an explicit Profile reference 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean ac22c826cb
Canonicalise the 'me' parameter better, so if I just enter the bare domain it'll work fine 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 0adc7a0d5e
Handle cats and syndications with better wrapping behaviour - &nbsp; doesn't work as well as I'd hoped 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean f7d7936499
Whoops, make sure ago actually emits the /correct/ relative timestamps using the right timezone 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean c8faa30724
Switch to another relative-date-formatting library which supports tiny abbreviated formats 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 0d1d102f47
Lots of spacing adjustments so that the new entry layout doesn't suck on mobile 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean cf0264b5a6
Allow info fields to wrap if long, rather than squish the main content of the entry 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 6054accc54
Force individual cats and syndications not to wrap, so that they don't wrap between the icon and the text 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 778a9c870d
Move cats and syndications back into the card, shrinking them down to avoid taking up too much vertical space 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean dee64f130e
Switch to a less bright theme-color since base0A didn't work so well 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean bc8d7923b4
Restore the <base> and rel="canonical" URLs to the layout <head> 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean dec5ef153b
Set a theme-color in the template again, so mobile Chrome uses it properly 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 5cf566251a
Redesign the display of entry 'metadata', like author and category, to be way more space-efficient - should make tiny statuses less 'heavy' 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 7edc5d0165
Move the Django media URL from /media to just /m, so we get shorter overall URLs to that kinda stuff 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 35ced9a451
Whoops, only revoke the current user's Micropub tokens for a client, not every single token for that client 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 446029ce84
Add a page that lists all authorised Micropub clients and allows a client's access to be revoked easily 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean bb91d3c6b6
Resilently handle IndieAuth clients that don't have a logo in their h-x-app 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean b32412f4fd
Add a bunch of <link> tags I forgot about, oops 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean ce0bf28725
1.9.10 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 77816b6c5d
Complete migration to Jinja2 by porting the home page template 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean b145f4ada9
Render the Markdown content for entries in Jinja2 - the resulting HTML isn't pretty yet, I'll probably need to write an html5lib filter that prettifies it 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean e4aa5c6e6e
Loosen the checks on IndieAuth parameters so that generic OAuth 2.0 clients like Paw.app can be used 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean fa66fbbf1e
Bump Tippy.js to 2.5.3 and Font Awesome to 5.1.0 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean bc433f235f
Use a mypy-friendly approach to loading and caching the package.json file 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 2a38c8d21b
Bump versions with pipenv update 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 4bc7fde36b
Oops, I accidentally used a 'ref' attribute instead of 'rel' :3 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 5042f3bda7
Port the entries-by-kind feed over to Jinja2, wasn't too tricky c: 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean fca5b3259d
Run using a separate domain for static assets in dev as well, to closer match production 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean ee12c15d1c
Mostly port the individual entry template to Jinja2 - the actual entry content isn't being rendered, and there's no breadcrumbs yet, but otherwise it's spot-on 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 741c2eb234
Switch from stateless JOSE tokens to stateful tokens in the DB, since they can then be much smaller and we're using a DB anyway 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 9c843ee145
Fix the repo URL syntax on the Django template as well, since it's probably gonna be sticking around for a while 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 8f416cb5d7
1.9.9 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 5f9aca20c4
Throw out support for AMP, because AMP sucks anyway 11 months ago
  Danielle McLean 59e40b551b
Fix bad indent and a few actual errors in README.md 11 months ago