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Danielle McLean 9586f59592
Write a big ol' 2018-06-12 12:10:13 +10:00
Danielle McLean a585ab038b
Bump npm library versions using yarn upgrade 2018-06-12 11:18:15 +10:00
Danielle McLean 81baf59085
Bump library versions using pipenv lock 2018-06-12 11:15:33 +10:00
Danielle McLean d7abc468b9
Fix URL syntax for linking to the current lemoncurry version in the repo, so it works with Gitea 2018-06-12 11:01:59 +10:00
Danielle McLean 67f8ec6fae
Throw away now-unused lemonauth templates, since they've all been ported across to Jinja2 2018-06-12 11:01:25 +10:00
Danielle McLean 24bc7816f1
Relocate official repository to 2018-06-12 10:52:49 +10:00
Danielle McLean f0678c3379
Add the missing navbars to the Jinja2 version of the layout 2018-06-12 10:47:53 +10:00
Danielle McLean e94a856a08
Add caching and smarter resizing to the Libravatar endpoint 2018-06-08 14:47:34 +10:00
Danielle McLean 2c90114b9d
Add pickle support to the MSGPackModernSerializer - if a type can't be serialized to native MessagePack, then pickle it 2018-06-08 14:46:41 +10:00
Danielle McLean 0860f37ac0
Use the full URI of the current page as the OpenID delegate, rather than just the origin 2018-06-05 12:54:00 +10:00
Danielle McLean 8932317f08
Allow sizes up to 512 when requesting libravatars, since that's what the spec says actually and I just misread it I guess? 2018-06-05 10:14:24 +10:00
Danielle McLean f551a5214a
Add pytest and mypy steps to the pre-commit hooks to avoid committing clearly broken code 2018-06-04 10:32:24 +10:00
Danielle McLean d91676289b
Satisfy autopep8 by adding a newline between two methods 2018-06-04 10:16:09 +10:00
Danielle McLean 121789febe
pipenv update - it re-added msgpack-python again and I'm just gonna leave it there tbh 2018-06-04 10:07:09 +10:00
Danielle McLean 276ce34ae9
Upgrade pre-commit hooks, enable the executable shebang check as well 2018-06-04 10:06:36 +10:00
Danielle McLean 5ce0af0731 Simplify the GitLab cache config, should be more reliable this way? 2018-06-04 09:39:32 +10:00
Danielle McLean 4c0be4ce8b Load Postgres parameters from the environment so that it can work with GitLab CI 2018-06-04 09:32:47 +10:00
Danielle McLean f7fbf49e1e Update the .gitlab-ci.yml to install dev packages and cache properly 2018-06-04 09:21:23 +10:00
Danielle McLean c9f66eb91c
Install mypy and make the minimum changes necessary for it to pass, albeit using --ignore-missing-imports 2018-05-29 09:37:28 +10:00
Danielle McLean 142e3eff2b
Ugh. Fix the new MessagePack serialiser to interface reliably with the msgpack library (gotta pass some flags and stuff) - also, actually depend on msgpack to make sure we have it 2018-05-28 21:33:20 +10:00
Danielle McLean 8d4444cfb9
Provide our own MessagePack serialiser class for django-redis, since the included one doesn't work properly with msgpack <= 0.5.4 2018-05-28 21:18:18 +10:00
Danielle McLean b59962a119
Start porting stuff from Django templates to Jinja2 - I've only done the lemonauth templates so far, and the layout is missing some meta stuff (hoping to reduce how much of that is needed) but it works 2018-05-28 21:15:02 +10:00
Danielle McLean 335db51ffc
1.9.8 2018-05-28 17:52:39 +10:00
Danielle McLean a62522d36a
Make some performance tweaks - persistent database connections, static file hashing, conditional GET support (ETags and stuff) 2018-05-28 17:52:24 +10:00
Danielle McLean 15e5219e3a
Install Werkzeug so that runserver_plus is available 2018-05-28 17:49:57 +10:00
Danielle McLean a0bc5bacd8
Remove unused openwebicons and tippy.js symlinks 2018-05-28 17:49:09 +10:00
Danielle McLean 4aba1034e7
Explicitly mark the environment variables as global 2018-05-28 11:53:46 +10:00
Danielle McLean a35a1283da
Try to preserve both the pip and pipenv caches in Travis builds 2018-05-28 11:50:15 +10:00
Danielle McLean 382a79e6c7
Run 'pipenv lock' to fix up Pipfile.lock - should make Travis pass again 2018-05-28 11:30:22 +10:00
Danielle McLean 24843cc31b
Add gevent==1.3.1 hash for Linux wheel as well (fixes Travis build) 2018-05-28 11:16:19 +10:00 bot ffd367c6ca Update pytest from 3.5.1 to 3.6.0 (#5) 2018-05-28 11:09:35 +10:00
Danielle McLean 73f0d4a7c3
Merge pull request #4 from 00dani/pyup-update-parso-0.2.0-to-0.2.1
Update parso to 0.2.1
2018-05-22 09:14:15 +10:00
Danielle McLean 42f96b0ead
Merge pull request #3 from 00dani/pyup-update-gevent-1.3.0-to-1.3.1
Update gevent to 1.3.1
2018-05-22 09:13:54 +10:00
pyup-bot 42c7b9d854 Update parso from 0.2.0 to 0.2.1 2018-05-21 21:11:35 +10:00
pyup-bot 7cd5e19c1e Update gevent from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1 2018-05-19 00:26:31 +10:00
Danielle McLean bbb860148d
Upgrade to Font Awesome 5.0.13 2018-05-16 15:54:37 +10:00
Danielle McLean c405fc0dbb
Load Tippy and the OpenWeb icons from unpkg rather than bundling them 2018-05-16 15:50:19 +10:00
Danielle McLean d65757f7df
Merge pull request #2 from 00dani/pyup-update-gevent-1.2.2-to-1.3.0
Update gevent to 1.3.0
2018-05-14 10:48:00 +10:00
pyup-bot 9e57d04ad5 Update gevent from 1.2.2 to 1.3.0 2018-05-14 10:41:05 +10:00
Danielle McLean e5c02b1fc6
Configure pyup to look at my Pipfiles 2018-05-14 10:40:44 +10:00
Danielle McLean 742296d5dd
Do a --dev install when running on Travis, so that pytest is available :o 2018-05-14 10:38:09 +10:00
Danielle McLean 4a208a91b6
Push pytest-django, and also ptpython, into dev-packages 2018-05-11 14:57:04 +10:00
Danielle McLean 4dd7a6dcc4
Switch to psycopg2-binary - don't actually need it, libpq is available in all my environments, but it'll shush some warnings 2018-05-11 14:04:38 +10:00
Danielle McLean aec98120ab
Whoops, include an updated date on items in Atom/RSS but do it correctly? Also made a few other minor improvements to the feeds 2018-05-11 13:45:26 +10:00
Danielle McLean 03b2668969
Update django-model-utils 2018-05-11 13:41:14 +10:00
Danielle McLean 46c2224a4f
Replace the previous WebFinger implementation with a fairly simple forwarder to Bridgy Fed, so that Bridgy Fed will work eventually 2018-05-11 13:23:47 +10:00
Danielle McLean 9f3cbac3c4
Advertise the WebSub hub inside all Atom feeds, to make sure subscribers know it exists 2018-05-11 12:52:29 +10:00
Danielle McLean 39d0a64c34
Nicely handle the unlikely case where the h-card contains absolutely no PGP keys and/or social profiles 2018-05-10 14:23:05 +10:00
Danielle McLean 9fb2e8552f
Switch the dev environment from SQLite to also use Postgres, so that Postgres-specific data types can be used 2018-05-10 14:20:09 +10:00
Danielle McLean eb20cc1d21
Add a Link header to the Micropub create response indicating the entry's shortlink 2018-05-10 13:42:59 +10:00