Adam Spiers b6ee2d10d6 cli.t: test with the right Perl executable
t/cli.t calls scripts which run with the first perl found in the
user's PATH (usually the system perl), not with the perl used for the
build, as reported here:

Thanks to Slaven Rezic for spotting this and reporting it!
2019-07-15 16:12:26 -04:00

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Thanks to the following people for testing, using, commenting on, and
otherwise aiding the creation of Stow:
Bob Glickstein (original author)
Miles Bader <>
Greg Fox <>
David Hartmann <>
Ben Liblit <>
Gord Matzigkeit <>
Adam Lackorzynski <>
Roland McGrath <>
Jim Meyering <>
Fritz Mueller <>
Bart Schaefer <>
Richard Stallman <>
Spencer Sun <>
Tom Tromey <>
Steve Webster <>
Kahlil Hodgson <>
Geoffrey Giesemann <>
Emil Mikulic <>
Austin Wood <>
Christopher Hoobin <>
Adam Spiers <>
Troy Will
Stefano Lattarini
Adam Sampson
Cuong Manh Le
Lucas Theisen
Charles LeDoux
Joris Vankerschaver
@Corin-EU on GitHub
Kristoffer Haugsbakk
Hongyi Zhao
Jean Louis
Daniel Shahaf
Matan Nassau
Brice Waegeneire
Slaven Rezic
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