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Stow was originally written by Bob Glickstein <>,
Zanshin Software, Inc.
Gord Matzigkeit <> made some early contributions.
John Bazik wrote `fastcwd', the Perl subroutine for computing the
current working directory (later removed in 1.3.3).
Charles Briscoe-Smith <> wrote the fix to prevent
stow -D / stow -R removing initially-empty directories (mentioned
in 1.3.3 section of NEWS).
Adam Lackorzynski <> wrote the fix to prevent
the generation of wrong links if there are links in the stow directory.
Stow was maintained by Guillaume Morin <> up to November
2007. Guillaume originally imported the source code into the Savannah
CVS repository on 2001/12/24 with the tag "v1_3_2". This history was
later imported into git as described below.
1.3.3 was the last release of the 1.x series. The CVS history
contains a few commits after 1.3.3 preparing for a 1.3.4 release which
was never published (see the "import-cvs" tag in git).
Between 2007 and 2009, a small team of people collaborated on a
private in-house project on Stow:
Kahlil (Kal) Hodgson <> performed a major
rewrite in order to implement:
1. deferred operations,
2. option parsing via Getopt::Long,
3. options to support shared files,
4. support for multiple operations per invocation,
5. default command line arguments via '.stowrc' and '~/.stowrc' files,
6. better cooperation between multiple stow directories,
7. a test suite (and support code) to ensure that everything still works.
As these changes required a dramatic reorganisation of the code, very
little was left untouched, and so Stow's major version number was
bumped up to 2. Austin Wood <> and Chris
Hoobin <> helped clean up the
documentation for the new 2.x.y series, and created the texi2man
Kahlil obtained permission to donate these changes back to GNU. The
Subversion history from this period is no longer accessible, so the
breakdown of the individual changes to the source code between 1.3.3
and the unreleased 2.0.2 version have been lost; however some details
are still visible in ChangeLog.OLD, which also acknowledges the
contributions of Geoffrey Giesemann and Emil Mikulc.
Sometime after this, Troy Will took over maintainership and imported
the unreleased 2.0.2 code base as the original root commit into
Savannah git repository.
On 25th November 2011, Adam Spiers <> took over
maintainership. He imported the CVS history into the Savannah git
repository, grafting it onto the previous root commit imported by
Troy, and tagged this as v2.0.2:
refactored the backend code into new and Stow/ modules
providing an OO interface, tightened up the test suite, added support
for ignore lists, `make test', and distribution via CPAN, and cleaned
up numerous other minor issues.
These changes were included in 2.1.0, which was the first official
release since 1.3.3 in 2002.
Stow is currently maintained by Adam Spiers.