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** Convert README and INSTALL to Markdown
** Update documentation to reflect more modern use cases
The README.md, stow(8) man page, and info manual have been updated
to de-emphasise the package management use, since these days almost
everyone prefers to use modern package managers such as rpm / dpkg
/ Nix for (system-wide) package management.
To compensate, more popular modern use cases for Stow have been
added, such as management of dotfiles and software compiled in the
user's $HOME directory.
** Stow now has a non-zero exit code if option parsing failed
Thanks to Brice Waegeneire for reporting this.
** chkstow now honours the $STOW_DIR environment variable
The stow script already honoured the $STOW_DIR environment
variable. Now chkstow does too, for consistency.
** Miscellaneous documentation fixes
- Various typos were fixed.
- The documentation for --verbose was updated to indicate that
verbosity levels now go up to 5.
- Erroneous glob examples in the --ignore documentation were fixed.
- The abbreviation "regex" was removed from the info manual for
- INSTALL.md now also documents how to build directly from git.
** aclocal.m4 was updated using aclocal 1.15.1.
** Add Docker files for convenient testing across multiple Perl versions
This is the first release which has been tested across 5 different

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Jean Louis
Daniel Shahaf
Matan Nassau
Brice Waegeneire
Email addresses of new contributors are no longer being added by default
for privacy reasons; however please contact the maintainer if you are