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@ -358,6 +358,24 @@ pages that are owned by stow and would otherwise cause a conflict.
The regular expression is anchored to the beginning of the path relative to
the target directory, because this is what you will want to do most of the time.
@cindex dotfiles
@item --dotfiles
Enable special handling for @emph{dotfiles} (files or folders whose
name begins with a period) in the package directory. If this option is
enabled, Stow will add a preprocessing step for each file or folder
whose name begins with @samp{dot-}, and replace the @samp{dot-} prefix
in the name by a period @samp{.}. This is useful when Stow is used to
manage collections of dotfiles, to avoid having a package directory
full of hidden files.
For example, suppose we have a package containing two files,
@file{stow/dot-bashrc} and @file{stow/dot-emacs.d/init.el}. With this
option, Stow will create symlinks from @file{.bashrc} to
@file{stow/dot-bashrc} and from @file{.emacs.d/init.el} to
@file{stow/dot-emacs.d/init.el}. Any other files, whose name does not
begin with @samp{dot-}, will be processed as usual.
@item --no-folding
This disables any further tree folding (@pxref{tree folding}) or