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Lynne 2019-01-11 22:15:05 +10:00
parent adbf6527e2
commit e58097615d
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@ -130,8 +130,7 @@ for f in following:
if instance == "":
print("rest in piece bofa, skipping")
# print("{} is on {}".format(f.acct, instance))
r = requests.get("https://{}/.well-known/host-meta".format(instance), timeout=10)
uri ='template="([^"]+)"', r.text).group(1)
@ -166,12 +165,12 @@ for f in following:
while not done and len(j['orderedItems']) > 0:
for oi in j['orderedItems']:
if oi['type'] != "Create":
continue #not a toost. fuck outta here
continue #this isn't a toot/post/status/whatever, it's a boost or a follow or some other activitypub thing. ignore
# its a toost baby
content = oi['object']['content']
if oi['object']['summary'] != None:
#don't download CW'd toots
#don't download CW'd toots. if you want your bot to download and learn from CW'd toots, replace "continue" with "pass". (todo: add a config.json option for this)
toot = extract_toot(content)
# print(toot)