a Django-based indieweb.org site https://00dani.me/
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Danielle McLean 6f84023f8c
1 year ago
entries Make Entry.get_absolute_url actually return an absolute URL, always 1 year ago
home Refactor how the routing for different kinds of entry works - this will make implementing webmentions easier, hopefully? 1 year ago
lemonauth Use a native checkbox on the login page too 1 year ago
lemoncurry Force the Django admin to go through the normal lemonauth:login view rather than its own login 1 year ago
lemonshort Remove django-shorturls with my own implementation, since it's incompatible with Django 2 and unmaintained 1 year ago
micropub Upgrade Django to 2.0.3, yay! 1 year ago
users Add support for serving users' avatars through the Libravatar API 1 year ago
webmention Rename a few variables under the webmention app to satisfy linters 1 year ago
wellknowns Switch from django-favicon-plus to django-super-favicon, it performs better and doesn't require a DB table 1 year ago
.gitignore Install pytest for designing and running automated test suites 1 year ago
.gitlab-ci.yml Apparently you can't use a Boolean true in gitlab-ci.yml environment variables config 1 year ago
.gitmodules Load the Material colour scheme directly from the source YAML, rather than hardcoding it into Stylus format 2 years ago
.pre-commit-config.yaml Add pre-commit hooks for checking common problems 1 year ago
Forwardfile Add a Forwardfile for development 2 years ago
LICENSE Extend the copyright range in the license to cover 2018 as well 1 year ago
Pipfile Switch from django-redis-cache to django-redis, which does the same thing but is actively maintained 1 year ago
Pipfile.lock Switch from django-redis-cache to django-redis, which does the same thing but is actively maintained 1 year ago
lemoncurry.paw Update the client ID used for Paw's autogenerated JWTs - use https://paw.cloud/ instead of https://00dani.me/ for accuracy 1 year ago
lemoncurry.svg Add the lemoncurry logo - yes, it's just FA's lemon layered over a dark circle 1 year ago
manage.py Make development-specific settings file 2 years ago
package.json 1.9.6 1 year ago
pytest.ini Add support for tests that use django.test.Client and that require a database, and use this support to test some of the wellknowns.views modules 1 year ago
yarn.lock Make redirect_uri verification optional because many IndieAuth clients don't implement it - show a stylish icon to convey whether the client was verified 2 years ago