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Danielle McLean 7fcc3c8788
2 years ago
static/wellknowns Update Keybase proof 4 years ago
tests Add support for tests that use django.test.Client and that require a database, and use this support to test some of the wellknowns.views modules 3 years ago
views Placate a deprecation warning from Django by importing 'static' from a different module 2 years ago
__init__.py Add support for /.well-known/keybase.txt 4 years ago
apps.py Add support for /.well-known/keybase.txt 4 years ago
favicons.py Switch from django-favicon-plus to django-super-favicon, it performs better and doesn't require a DB table 3 years ago
urls.py Port the urls for lemonauth, lemonshort, micropub, and wellknowns to path() 3 years ago