a Django-based indieweb.org site https://00dani.me/
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Danielle McLean 7fcc3c8788
2 years ago
jinja2/home Fix broken Tippy tooltips caused by changes to Tippy's API in version 3 2 years ago
static/home/css Make lots of improvements to the narrow-screen layout 3 years ago
__init__.py Create a super-simple homepage 4 years ago
sitemaps.py Add a simple sitemap using django.contrib.sitemaps - there aren't a lot of pages to map so far so it's pretty basic ;) 4 years ago
urls.py Switch home.urls and entries.urls over to modern path() definitions, with param conversion and such 3 years ago
views.py Remove calls to as_meta since the info is ignored anyway - gives a decent performance boost :o 3 years ago