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60 lines
857 B

@import 'base16-material-darker'
$sm = 576px
$md = 768px
$lg = 992px
$xl = 1200px
background-color $base01
color $base0D
color $base0C
display flex
flex-direction column
min-height 100vh
background-color $base00
color $base07
> header
background-color $base01
justify-content space-between
> main
margin 2rem
flex 1
display flex
flex-direction column
align-items center
@media (min-width $sm)
flex-direction row-reverse
align-items unset
> footer
display flex
justify-content space-evenly
margin auto 1rem
text-align center
background-color $base02
max-width 25rem
position sticky
top 1rem
color $base04
list-style none
text-align center
margin 0
padding 0
> li
display inline-block
margin-right 5px