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from django.http import JsonResponse
from django.urls import reverse
from lemoncurry import requests
from lemoncurry.utils import absolute_url
from .. import error
def config(request):
config = syndicate_to(request)
config['media-endpoint'] = absolute_url(request, reverse('micropub:media'))
return config
def source(request):
get = request.GET
if 'url' not in get:
raise error.bad_req('must specify url parameter for source query')
mf2 = requests.mf2(get['url']).to_dict(filter_by_type='h-entry')
if not mf2:
raise error.bad_req('no h-entry at the requested url')
entry = mf2[0]
keys = get.getlist('properties', []) + get.getlist('properties[]', [])
if not keys:
return entry
props = entry['properties']
return {'properties': {k: props[k] for k in keys if k in props}}
def syndicate_to(request):
return {'syndicate-to': []}
queries = {
'config': config,
'source': source,
'syndicate-to': syndicate_to,
def query(request):
if 'q' not in request.GET:
raise error.bad_req('must specify q parameter')
q = request.GET['q']
if q not in queries:
raise error.bad_req('unsupported query {0}'.format(q))
res = queries[q](request)
return JsonResponse(res)