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from django.http import HttpResponse, HttpResponseRedirect
from PIL import Image
from lemoncurry import utils
from .models import User
def try_libravatar_org(hash, get):
url = 'https://seccdn.libravatar.org/avatar/' + hash
if get:
url += '?' + get.urlencode()
return HttpResponseRedirect(url)
def libravatar(request, hash):
g = request.GET
size = g.get('s', g.get('size', 80))
size = int(size)
except ValueError:
return utils.bad_req('size parameter must be an integer')
if not 1 <= size <= 128:
return utils.bad_req('size parameter must be between 1 and 128')
if len(hash) == 32:
where = {'email_md5': hash}
elif len(hash) == 64:
where = {'email_sha256': hash}
return utils.bad_req('hash must be either md5 or sha256')
# If the user doesn't exist or lacks an avatar, see if libravatar.org has
# one for them - libravatar.org falls back to Gravatar when possible (only
# for MD5 hashes, since Gravatar doesn't support SHA-256), so this ensures
# all the most likely places are checked.
user = User.objects.get(**where)
except User.DoesNotExist:
return try_libravatar_org(hash, g)
if not user.avatar:
return try_libravatar_org(hash, g)
im = Image.open(user.avatar)
im_resized = im.resize((size, size))
response = HttpResponse(content_type='image/'+im.format.lower())
im_resized.save(response, im.format)
return response