a Django-based indieweb.org site https://00dani.me/
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from django.http import JsonResponse
from django.urls import reverse
from ..favicons import icons
from lemoncurry import utils
from lemoncurry.theme import color
from urllib.parse import urljoin
from textwrap import shorten
def manifest_icons(base):
return [{'src': i.url, 'type': i.mime, 'sizes': i.sizes} for i in sorted(icons, key=lambda i: i.size)]
def manifest(request):
base = utils.origin(request)
start_url = reverse('home:index') + '?utm_source=homescreen'
app = {
'name': request.site.name,
'short_name': shorten(request.site.name, width=20, placeholder=''),
'icons': manifest_icons(base),
'display': 'browser',
'start_url': urljoin(base, start_url),
'background_color': color(0),
'theme_color': color(2),
# icons = FaviconImg.objects.filter(
# faviconFK__isFavicon=True,
# rel__in=rels,
# ).order_by('size')
# app['icons'] = [{
# 'type': 'image/png',
# 'sizes': '{0}x{0}'.format(icon.size),
# 'src': urljoin(base, icon.faviconImage.url),
# } for icon in icons]
return JsonResponse(app, content_type='application/manifest+json')