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Danielle McLean 60bdaa27a0
Update Nostr name aliases to match prod username 2023-08-10 19:32:41 +10:00
Danielle McLean 04bd6dd35d
Add NIP-05 verification compatibility 2023-08-10 18:05:46 +10:00
Danielle McLean 2e7d12b3e6
Run Black over the whole codebase 2023-08-10 16:52:37 +10:00
Danielle McLean 1bf0d8478a
Placate a deprecation warning from Django by importing 'static' from a different module 2019-01-24 12:28:55 +11:00
Danielle McLean dee64f130e
Switch to a less bright theme-color since base0A didn't work so well 2018-06-28 11:23:56 +10:00
Danielle McLean dec5ef153b
Set a theme-color in the template again, so mobile Chrome uses it properly 2018-06-28 11:10:56 +10:00
Danielle McLean 46c2224a4f
Replace the previous WebFinger implementation with a fairly simple forwarder to Bridgy Fed, so that Bridgy Fed will work eventually 2018-05-11 13:23:47 +10:00
Danielle McLean 1654ceecf3
Switch from django-favicon-plus to django-super-favicon, it performs better and doesn't require a DB table 2018-04-20 12:35:51 +10:00
Danielle McLean a518d72a7d
Add PGP keys and XMPP handle to the WebFinger output 2017-11-10 10:30:09 +11:00
Danielle McLean 85d95fb5d7
Extend the host-meta with extra fields and sort them by rel 2017-11-10 10:17:19 +11:00
Danielle McLean 5b70c59f83
Advertise the new token endpoint 2017-11-03 17:19:25 +11:00
Danielle McLean 0a202a215d
Include references to the Atom and RSS feeds in the host-meta 2017-11-01 11:09:12 +11:00
Danielle McLean c34ec965a1
Improved host-meta support, with correct JRD format and more links to stuff 2017-10-31 15:42:20 +11:00
Danielle McLean c354830653
Enable django.contrib.sites rather than using a custom lemoncurry-specific setting for the site name 2017-10-29 12:12:39 +11:00
Danielle McLean 7429d43280
Update manifest.json with extra properties, set theme colour properly as a <meta> as well 2017-10-28 15:05:54 +11:00
Danielle McLean 55731c63ce
Add support for generating a simple Web App Manifest file, which helps mobile browsers display the site smartly 2017-10-28 14:29:07 +11:00
Danielle McLean 1a9582213a
Add WebFinger support and refactor some of the request manip stuff 2017-10-27 13:24:57 +11:00
Danielle McLean 00d7a29b2d
Add basic support for /.well-known/host-meta(.json)?, not much info in it so far but it works 2017-10-27 12:25:17 +11:00