109 Commits (v1.10.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Danielle McLean 17e5c2c1b4
Remove calls to as_meta since the info is ignored anyway - gives a decent performance boost :o 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean d68dda85ad
Refactor the Micropub error responses into a non-view module, have them produce an immediately raise-able exception 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 065619772e
Use ResponseException for various places rather than needing to check the return value for responseness 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 7d17a92793
Introduce a middleware that allows for HttpResponses to be thrown from inner utility functions, to avoid boilerplate in views 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 1d4be082cf
Refactor the 'find an entry based on a URL' behaviour into a utility function 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean bab7097fa3
Properly send webmentions after deleting an entry :3 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean fa8419976d
Enable support for deleting entries through Micropub :D 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 427dcde672
Make lots of improvements to the narrow-screen layout 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 580c61e924
Adjust sizing of p-author photo and spacing inside entries 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 556329d5fa
Have syndications infer the correct Site from their URL rather than require an explicit Profile reference 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 0adc7a0d5e
Handle cats and syndications with better wrapping behaviour -   doesn't work as well as I'd hoped 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean c8faa30724
Switch to another relative-date-formatting library which supports tiny abbreviated formats 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 0d1d102f47
Lots of spacing adjustments so that the new entry layout doesn't suck on mobile 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean cf0264b5a6
Allow info fields to wrap if long, rather than squish the main content of the entry 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 6054accc54
Force individual cats and syndications not to wrap, so that they don't wrap between the icon and the text 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 778a9c870d
Move cats and syndications back into the card, shrinking them down to avoid taking up too much vertical space 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 5cf566251a
Redesign the display of entry 'metadata', like author and category, to be way more space-efficient - should make tiny statuses less 'heavy' 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 77816b6c5d
Complete migration to Jinja2 by porting the home page template 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean b145f4ada9
Render the Markdown content for entries in Jinja2 - the resulting HTML isn't pretty yet, I'll probably need to write an html5lib filter that prettifies it 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 5042f3bda7
Port the entries-by-kind feed over to Jinja2, wasn't too tricky c: 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean ee12c15d1c
Mostly port the individual entry template to Jinja2 - the actual entry content isn't being rendered, and there's no breadcrumbs yet, but otherwise it's spot-on 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 5f9aca20c4
Throw out support for AMP, because AMP sucks anyway 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean d91676289b
Satisfy autopep8 by adding a newline between two methods 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean aec98120ab
Whoops, include an updated date on items in Atom/RSS but do it correctly? Also made a few other minor improvements to the feeds 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 9f3cbac3c4
Advertise the WebSub hub inside all Atom feeds, to make sure subscribers know it exists 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean dd0951cc82
Add tests for the Atom/RSS feeds so I won't accidentally break 'em without realising again 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 30c4c8ec8f
whoops, patch the RSS/Atom feeds to work with the refactored handling of entry kinds 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean e9c46f23db
Switch home.urls and entries.urls over to modern path() definitions, with param conversion and such 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 70d4579448
Support oEmbed using the wirres.net mf2-to-oEmbed proxy :3 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 6f3f613cc8
Fix the AMP template to use the new favicon support instead 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 6fb289727c
Make Entry.get_absolute_url actually return an absolute URL, always 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 098284a617
Remove django-shorturls with my own implementation, since it's incompatible with Django 2 and unmaintained 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean f0cf3b3a68
Patch a few small deprecated operations so that the site works under Django 2.0 as well 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 039b6a1914
Make the permalink views 404 if you try to load a non-existent entry 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 9580068c5b
Refactor how the routing for different kinds of entry works - this will make implementing webmentions easier, hopefully? 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean c359b7640e
Refactor the 'entries' views into a package rather than just one module, so more views can be added without clutter 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean f6a0adfb56
Add rel="shortlink" on the AMP pages too 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean e5a44fd38c
Dramatically improve AMP support, adding all the missing fields so that the AMP version still parses to a reasonable h-entry 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 75e08aa1b2
Reduce number of queries required to render an entries list, especially the home page 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean 40ead1bbe1
Provide simple support for fetching entries in AMP format - can't handle images yet and needs some other tweaks, but works nicely so far c: 1 year ago
  Danielle McLean e15e4c72fe
Add missing aria-hidden attribute to icons that aren't or might not be Font Awesome ones, since the automatic aria-hidden attributes are only added to FA icons 2 years ago
  Danielle McLean 447e91f1f1
Make sure the content doesn't stretch wider than the display, so mobile users can access the site correctly 2 years ago
  Danielle McLean 5e524cb4f2
Process the WebSub pings for each feed separately, because the hub.url[] syntax doesn't seem to actually work 2 years ago
  Danielle McLean e5f2e9d537
Oops, bump up the entries-per-page to ten again - it was lowered to make testing the behaviour easier 2 years ago
  Danielle McLean a0db1bfb47
Use the same paginate function on the entry-kind feeds and cat feeds, for identical pagination everywhere c: 2 years ago
  Danielle McLean 4033837b91
Refactor the pagination logic into a reusable module so I can go add it to the other feed pages 2 years ago
  Danielle McLean 2a65644813
Switch from custom pagination to django.core.paginator, since it can do things like counts and 'is there a next page' more easily 2 years ago
  Danielle McLean 2d2159ee58
Enable simple entry pagination - each h-feed page has a rel=next pointing to the next page of the feed, but there's no visible link yet 2 years ago
  Danielle McLean ea241577f1
Smarter generation of OGP/Schema.org/etc. metadata, with HTML tags stripped out so the result looks nice and clean 2 years ago
  Danielle McLean acb5bc97a9
Oops, still generate a shortlink when the published and updated timestamps match 2 years ago