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from django.core.paginator import Paginator
from django.shortcuts import redirect
def paginate(queryset, reverse, page):
class Page:
def __init__(self, i):
self.i = i
def url(self):
return reverse(self.i)
def current(self):
return self.i == entries.number
# If the first page was requested, redirect to the clean version of the URL
# with no page suffix.
if page == '1':
return redirect(Page(1).url)
paginator = Paginator(queryset, 2)
entries = paginator.page(page or 1)
entries.pages = tuple(Page(i) for i in paginator.page_range)
if entries.has_previous():
entries.prev = Page(entries.previous_page_number())
if entries.has_next():
entries.next = Page(entries.next_page_number())
return entries